Slingshot: Let’s Get There Faster

At Loft, Slingshot™ is both an innovation space, and an innovation process. Both are grounded in the essential need to define where you need to go, and get you there faster.

When you need a minimum viable product for:

• Your next round of funding
• Value testing & user feedback
• Evaluating customer acquisition cost
Get a validated product, faster than you ever thought possible, grounded in solid research and creative practices.

Looking for a dynamic space for innovation, collaboration, or events? Rent Slingshot


Slingshot: The Space

A dedicated incubation space to:
• Rally your dream team
• Host focus groups and 1:1 interviews
• Gather cross-functional experts
• Assess your options and create a path forward

Slingshot: The Process

A proven, repeatable process to:
• Take an idea offsite (1–3 days)
• Define what we should build (1 week)
• Research the market (1–3 weeks)
• Rapidly prototype (1–5 weeks)