The Loft 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The Loft Holiday Gift Guide was the sleeper hit of 2020. We only had one choice: to bring it back and make it better than ever.

Jeanette Numbers

The Loft Holiday gift guide was the sleeper hit of 2020. We only had one choice: to bring it back and make it better than ever.

The Loft holiday gift guide started as a tongue in cheek team project. Then, the unthinkable happened: you all… liked it? So, as we advance towards another holiday season, we’re left with no choice but to bring it back. This year, we’ve compiled a list of the team’s favorite toys, products, organizations, and more to help inspire your holiday shopping list. Cheers to the holiday season, cheers to our community, and cheers to the gifts that keep on giving: creative collaboration and independent design thinking!

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The Loft Wishlist

Embr Wave 2 -  $349

Nothing better than giving the gift that gives back and looks good while doing so. Learn more about the work we did with Embr Labs HERE

Copic Sketch Marker Set - $421

Known within our studio as the ultimate sketching partner. There is nothing more satisfying than bringing sketches to life with a full palette of color options and the perfect marker tip.

Trail Mix (preferably bulk) - Someone in the studio is always snacking on some trail mix no matter what time it is. It’s our favorite snack that gets us through the afternoon slump. Who knows – we may even find a way to make it an instrument in the next Loft band performance!

Our Place Always Pan- $145

The only pan you’ll ever need in your kitchen. It’s the perfect pan to make soup for our monthly office soup swap! It also happens to be on the holiday wish lists of half our employees...

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Loft Loves

Loomia Prototyping Kits- We love everything Loomia does and these prototyping kits are no exception. They are a great way to have some fun while learning new technologies.

Foosketball- $16

Our favorite lunchtime game! The competition can get intense we all want one at home to practice.

Fiddle Leaf Fig- $16

It may not look like it (sad!), but our fiddle leaf fig is our favorite office plant. Please send any care tips to It’s urgent.

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Giving back is the most rewarding way to give during the holiday season. Here are a few local organizations helping to make an impact in Rhode Island:  

Save the Bay

Founded in 1970, Save The Bay's mission to protect and improve Narragansett Bay relies on support from people like you! By donating you'll be helping this local nonprofit achieve its vision of a fully swimmable, fishable, healthy Narragansett Bay, accessible to all.

Potter League

The Potter League for Animals is Rhode Island’s go-to animal care and resource center, where they provide shelter, veterinary care, behavior training, owner assistance programs, humane education, and the opportunity for thousands of animals to find loving homes each year. The Potter League relies on the support of their community to give our furry friends a comfortable home.

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