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Learn All About Our Internationally Recognized Designs and What Success Means to Us

Jeanette Numbers

Learn all about our internationally recognized designs and what success means to us

We are beyond honored to get this recognition. As a scrappy, independently run firm, it’s incredibly validating to know our work stands with the best. And it’s even more validating to know the passion and drive our team puts in every day results in life-changing experiences for more people.

The recognition is meaningful on two levels: first, it tells us that our process, with its intense focus on the end user and emphasis on collaborative brainstorming, works. Second, as a small, tight knit team, every win and every award is a victory for all – because every single person at Loft played a role in bringing these designs to market.

So, cheers to design. Cheers to our incredible team. And cheers to our clients, who trust us to deliver innovative solutions that solve real problems for their customers. Thank you.

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Allergy Amulet

Allergy Amulet is a revolutionary wearable sensor designed to detect food allergens. Thanks to the real-time results provided by this lab-vetted technology, dining out is no longer a stressor for people with food allergies. The discreet device consists of three components: the food sampler, the reader, and the app. The user simply drops a small piece of food into the sampler chamber and twists the cap closed to activate the testing procedure. In a few moments the food has been mixed and is ready to give a result. Interchangeable sensor strips allow users to test for multiple food allergens and they can choose to pair Allergy Amulet with the mobile app for a personalized experience. Allergy Amulet delivers peace of mind to users—in real time.

Read the full Allergy Amulet case study here

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908 Rebel

The Rebel from 908 Devices is a one-of-a-kind miniature bioprocess analyzer used for research and development in biopharmaceutical labs. Rebel combines three different lab devices into one easy-to-use piece of equipment, making it the first at-line spent cell media analyzer on the market. With Rebel, researchers can run media analyses on live cultures and bacteria with different parameters in just seven minutes to learn the most effective combinations for a desired outcome. Rebel puts control into researchers’ hands by eliminating the need for a third party service for media analysis. The Rebel’s built-in easy-to-navigate autosampler allows researchers to test up to 96 samples at a time. Even with its large and user-friendly touch screen, the small but powerful device is slim enough to fit on a lab benchtop.

Learn all the ins and outs of Rebel here in our case study. 

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Brilliantly Warm

People who have undergone a mastectomy frequently experience unwelcome cold sensations from their implant reconstruction, an uncomfortable and isolating feeling. Enter Brilliantly Warm, a warming bra insert designed to combat this discomfort. Designed for everyday wear, Brilliantly Warm's lab-tested warming technology radiates a natural warming sensation that is customizable based on the user’s preference. It’s safe, reusable, and fits in any bra on any body size. Eventually, it will be available in a selection of colors and patterns, giving users the chance to match the insert to their mood and go about their day with confidence.

Watch the Brilliantly project video here and visit the Brilliantly website here

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3M Comply

The 3M™ COMPLY™ Attachment System is an expertly engineered attachment system for laptop privacy filters comprised of a thin, discreet pair of adhesive hinges that attach to the top of users' laptops. The system allows users to easily flip the privacy filter on and off their computer screen without removing it entirely, solving a common limitation of other products on the market. When used with a 3M™ Privacy Filter, the 3M COMPLY Attachment System helps address the threat of visual hacking within office spaces, remote work environments, as well as healthcare and public sector settings by enabling users to privatize their laptop screens with one easy flip, maintaining the security of confidential information without sacrificing workflow and efficiency.

Learn all about the COMPLY™ Attachment System here

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COVID-19 Mobile Medical Units

In April 2020, as the pandemic’s spread accelerated across the U.S., there was an urgent need to fight COVID-19. Because widespread testing would be essential to combating the virus, construction began on Mobile Medical Units with the support of Rhode Island Commerce and the Rhode Island National Guard. Speed was critical to this project’s success. From research and development to gathering materials and construction, everything had to be done promptly and with confidence in order to help frontline workers.The Mobile Medical Units were designed so they could be configured to meet clients’ needs and requests. Based on the different ways the Units would be utilized, the system has been configured to a two trailer system, a single trailer with multiple testing windows, and even a mobile office. This versatility continues to provide a great value to clients and communities in need during COVID-19.

Read more about the design of the medical units here

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Siren 3 Pro

Siren Marine’s Connected Boat® technology provides peace of mind to boaters through real-time data & critical alerts. With wireless sensors, the system can be expanded for even more robust monitoring, tracking & security. More specifically, wireless sensors enable 24/7 monitoring of a boat’s bilge activity, water levels, battery, temperature and security status. Get instant alerts in the case of an unexpected event such as if a boat takes on water, the battery voltage runs low or if an unauthorized entry occurs.   

 Wireless sensors are compact, streamlined and easy to install – ideal for hard-to-access areas. The unique design of Siren Marine’s wireless sensors allows users to easily add multiple sensors – and no wires mean no drilling into expensive boat decking and less clutter. Smart boat monitoring makes the boating experience even better; boaters spend less time worrying about their boats and more time enjoying them. 

Learn more about the Siren 3 Pro here.

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