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See how a Slingshot session can help you.

Wondering how our Slingshot process can give you the jumpstart you need? Each phase of product development comes with its own challenges, constraints, and considerations that might cause you to lose sight of your purpose. That’s when it’s time to hit pause and call in expert support. Loft is a capable and agile partner. We’re ready to help you work through the unique and varied business challenges you’re facing. At any stage of your process, Loft’s skilled team can add value and offer strategic insights.

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A creative group of impact-minded designers and engineers, we’re focused on speed, systems, and results. Our Slingshot process puts you, your team, and your initiative at the center of the conversation while we support you step by step. Collaboration is in our DNA—our design and development teams will work with you to ensure insights and product visions can scale to successful production. In our inspiring space, we’ll guide you through a series of bespoke inquiry practices that will reveal a path forward.

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This is a collaborative process. We’ll listen, we’ll challenge, and we’ll work together to look for important opportunities and blindspots, always seeking to make the solution as effective in the marketplace as it can be.

After getting you and your team off site, our process looks something like this:

Define and Focus - We’ll work with you to articulate your goals for your product.

Audit - We’ll do a deep dive into your core competency and discover what you do well (and not so well) against your competitors. This could look like a technical analysis with a teardown and component cost comparison, or an exploration into your end user’s needs.

Roadmap - Once we know our north star goals, we’ll develop a technical evaluation criteria to measure your product requirements and prioritize what's important for today – and what’s needed for tomorrow.

Market Evaluation -  With your help, we’ll confirm product market fit, sizing, readiness, and define the audience for your product. Our in-depth approach to user research will inform every step of our design process. 

End User Profile - With your audience defined, we’ll create a clear target for your users, evaluate the problem your product solves for them, and outline a journey map that helps your team understand and empathize with your customers.

Inspire - The Slingshot experience will energize and transform your team. They’ll be excited about their impact on the development process from start to finish.

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Finally, we’ll start our rapid prototyping process. Being able to show a proof of concept design to stakeholders and end users alike is essential to you securing internal approval or VC investment.

Slingshot also functions as a dedicated incubation space where you can host an off site with your team, lead focus groups with your customers, conduct interviews and brainstorm with cross-functional experts.

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