Simple and powerful business location software. Spatially is the most intelligent engine for making sense of your locations, markets, and customers.

Spatially is a revolutionary new way of understanding your business and finding new locations for maximum profit. By leveraging the power of big data to create a unique profile of your current business locations, Spatially can suggest new locations for your business to expand into and provide targeted suggestions for new business strategies to make the most of the dynamics of your current locations.

Making Sense of the Message

Spatially is bringing to market an entirely new way to think about locations. The potential for its technology is massive and its vision extends well beyond its current franchise business customers. This exciting new frontier lacks not only competitors but also a language for describing spatial dynamics.

Loft worked with Spatially to create clarity from the madness. We took the Spatially management team through our Brand Messaging workshop to identify their core value proposition, short-term and long-term goals, as well as potential challenges.

We crafted a messaging strategy that focuses on the first family of products that will launch over the next few years. Our goal was concretely communicate the advantages of the product while building a linguistic framework around spatial dynamics that can shift to encompass their broader goals as Spatially launches more products.

With a business to business launch in mind, Loft created a visual strategy that melds the founder’s spirit of scientific pioneering with the approachability of the simplified messaging. We created a logo that alluded to a map and played with space in a 3-dimensional way and used high contrast colors to boldly underscore our messaging.

Getting on the Map

With a successful launch of their new brand, Spatially asked Loft to design their website to get the word out about their mission and the coming Beta release their first product.

We developed a concept that broke down the three core functions of the product and created a visual method for explaining them through subtle animation and pop-ups. 

The site led to an evolution of the brand to incorporate the multi-tonal illustrations and more bright colors.

We are currently leveraging our understanding of Spatially’s mission and customers to develop the user experience of their web service Spatially Sites.


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