Immersive digital content anytime, anywhere. Neon offers the best TV and movies on your phone, tablet, computer and TV.

Neon made a name for itself by offering high-end content across platforms in an international market. It had successful phone and web-based apps but struggled to fully permeate the market without the ability to cast content to the TV. Loft worked with Neon to close the gap and create a set top box and remote so that Neon could work as seamlessly in the house as it does on the go.

Embodying A Bold Brand

Neon developed a beautiful and engaging experience across their platforms with bold and colorful branding. When developing a hardware strategy for the brand, Loft wanted to celebrate this playfulness and create a remote and set top box that felt out of the ordinary while still melding seamlessly with the user’s home.

The pebble form of the remote is a subtle nod to the Neon logo and a sharp divergence from the traditional wand form. Its curved underside nestles smoothly in the user’s hand as well as in the circular indentation of the set top box, giving the remote a defined spot in the home - no more asking “where’s the remote?”

Out of the Box and In the Store

Neon’s primary market is Latin America where the purchasing experience is less dominated by traditional major brands. This offered both a unique opportunity to establish themselves and a challenge in effectively communicating their brand message.

Loft developed an out of box experience that set Neon apart in its celebrated treatment of the product and simple, pictoral quick start guide. The sleeve that encased the inner box would be printed in each of Neon’s brand colors so that a stack up of the products on the shelf could double as a point of purchase display.


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