Lifeprint lets you share and experience digital content like it’s 1999 - but with a totally new twist!

Ever miss the nostaligia of shaking a Polaroid picture? Lifeprint makes your digital mementos physical again so you can post them, share them, and (why not?) shake them like it’s 1999. Instantly print photos and Augmented Reality photos directly from your Apple or Android smartphone. Every photo can tell a story using our Augmented Reality HyperPhoto technology, allowing you to print a photo and then view a video when held up to your phone. Now that’s something they didn’t have in 1999!

From the Ground Up

Lifeprint came to us with a great idea and the know-how to make it work and we took it from there, beginning what would become a multi-year engagement. We launched parallel intitiatives to develop the printer and user experience, allowing each to inform the other. 

We focused on creating a sleek and premium aesthetic for the printer that would establish Lifeprint as a lifestyle brand. Each detail was crafted to elevate the look and feel of the printer such as the edge chamfer and debossed logo treatment.

Portability and ease of use were important design considerations. We engineered the device to be so compact it could fit in your pocket or purse and devised a way to change the printer’s zero ink paper so easily you might call it a “snap”.

For the Lifeprint app, our team honed in on ease of use - creating a multitude of user scenarios and ensuring that each flow was simple and efficient. These scenarios involved onboarding and connecting the printer to the app, sending and receiving photos from your network, pulling photos from any of your existing social media pages, and printing Augmented Reality photos.

We worked closely with our development partners to bring the HyperPhoto technology to life and enhance the printing experience in an entirely new way. Printing an Augmented Reality photo is as easy as printing any other photo and they can be viewed by simply holding the print up to the camera on your smartphone and viewing it through the Lifeprint app.

The Whole Package

We’ve worked with Lifeprint through every stage of their business development, from concept to retail shelves. As we were developing the device and app, it was a natural extension of our engagement with the Lifeprint team to revamp their branding and develop their product packaging. They launched on Kickstarter last year with assets we helped them to create and reached their goal within 11 hours! The product is now available in Apple Stores.


Step 1

Wireframing the app experience.

Step 2

Designing and engineering the printer.

Step 3

The final printer and app.

Step 4

Retail ready printer packaging.