Bring energy everywhere with BioLite products that cook, charge, and light your life off the grid.

Bring your outdoor adventures to the next level. BioLite campstoves turn fire into electricity for a truly transformative cooking experience. Forget the fossil fuels and create a smokeless flame using only wood. Power your devices while you make your meals with BioLite’s TEG technology. It’s so hot it’s cool.

Breaking Away from the Pack

BioLite has been adored by camping and outdoor enthusiasts for years. Since its beginnings as an overachiever on Kickstarter, the company has built a significant following and reail business in the Outdoor and Sporting Goods channels. While it was instantly recognizable to its followers, its growth was inhibited by being pigeonholed into a finite market.

We worked with BioLite on a strategic marketing plan to position it with rural mobile carriers and national carriers in select markets to bridge the gap into national retail. Finding success in these test markets led to initiatives to try the products in stores with broader demographic profile to expand the core audience. We appealed to the urban camper and found steady, measured, and sustainable success.

Cooking Up Global Impact

OK, so you start a fire and then you can charge your mobile device.  Awesome!  Now what? After an initial push, a lot of products fall into the trap of being “gimmicky”.  BioLite represents so much more than that, but they needed Loft to help them tell their story. The same features that make BioLite an amazing companion on your weekend adventures also makes it a lifesaving appliance in developing nations. We created an initiative with our retail channels and non-profits and government agencies to provide BioLite to people around the world. This revolutionary camp stove helps provide clean cooking environments and access to a sustainable source of energy for communities living in energy poverty. The result was both marketing and global impact.


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