What We Do

Experience Design

We develop connected experiences that integrate naturally with the everyday lives of your customers.

Meaningful product experiences transcend the digital and physical. Your brand should become a natural part of your customers’ lives. Loft’s Experience Design team leverages user insights to create groundbreaking brand experiences across diverse platforms – web, mobile, embedded systems, and more.

Experience Design

User Experience (UX) Design

The most beloved experiences have a clear structure and intuitive workflow. We plan and structure app architectures based on predicted user tasks to create easy-to-use experiences.

User Interface (UI) Design

Eames said, “The details are not the details – they make the product.” We agree. From color to icons to motion graphics, we sweat the small stuff to create an integrated and polished experience that inspires awe – and is simply awesome.

Website Production

Your website is the best place to pitch your company, idea, and product. We create beautiful, clean websites that tell your story succinctly and clearly so you can convert viewers into customers.

Prototyping & Testing

It’s easier than ever to gather and analyze customer feedback to digital solutions. We constantly test our ideas to find pain points and opportunities for improvement. We iterate rapidly in light of our findings, making the final experience as smooth as possible for users.

Development Partnerships

We have the technical knowledge and established partnerships to bring your idea to market. Our team has years of experience in UX hand-offs and web and mobile development, ensuring your product launch is a simple and streamlined process.