What We Do

Retail Representation

Thanks to our extensive connections with major retailers, we don’t just get your products on the shelves – we get them on the right shelves.

Even with a great product in hand, the prospect of launching into the marketplace can seem daunting. We help ease the divide between production and sales so you see real business growth within the first year. Because our Retail Representation team has connections with retailers in every major channel in the US, you have your foot in the door no matter where your customers are.

Retail Representation

Strategic Planning

Creating a dynamic retail strategy is equal parts art and science. Our team works with you to plan retail channels, price points, margins, and more so we can stay on course during implementation – and so you see solid profits from day one.

Relationship Building

Fostering enduring, positive relationships is essential to long-term success. We have a synergetic relationship with our retail partners, ensuring that we – and you – remain knowledgeable about current trends and prepared to react to evolving market conditions.

Retailer Collaboration

We inspire multidisciplinary collaborations focused on your success. Your team and our team are fundamental to this effort, but so is the participation of the retailers who stand to benefit from your business’s growth. Collectively developing product strategies and roadmaps is a rewarding triple win that leaves all parties feeling energized.