What We Do

Product Design

We craft inspired products that marry form and function to create meaningful brand connections.

At Loft, Product Design works closely with Experience Design to create holistic experiences that meet your strategic goals – not just your aesthetic ones. We meld the digital and physical to create beautiful products that delight the user with their simplicity of use. Our team brings unique expertise and insight into trends, usability, and manufacturing to deliver inspired products that create meaningful brand connections.

Product Design


When it comes to brainstorming, having a cross-disciplinary team really pays off. Our collaborative ideation process is characterized by wide-ranging exploration and creativity; we quickly generate and refine ideas to find the golden nugget that will take your product to the next level.

Product Development

We start with the best design concepts, and then get down to polishing. We rigorously test and retest, implementing subtle refinements that turn good ideas into great ones. Through it all, we constantly check in with manufacturers, users – and with you – as we zero in on the perfect solution.


Prototyping allows us to validate concepts for usability, marketability, and manufacturability. We can create “looks like” and “works like” models using just about any materials for user testing, fit and function testing, or investor meetings.

Usability Testing

No matter how good the product, it won’t sell if people can’t use it. We test prototypes with users early and often to ensure that they are simple and intuitive to use, and are always on the lookout for form, fit, and function improvements that will take your product to the next level.

Visual Brand Language

Your products are the core of your brand, and must be just as visually striking and memorable as your logo. We use color, material, form, and finish to communicate your brand personality clearly and effectively across your entire product line – and to make a compelling statement on the shelves.