What We Do


We transform ambitious ideas into tangible products on time, on budget, and as imagined.

Loft is here to guide you through the entire product development process. Our Engineering team becomes involved early at the concept phase, helping to guarantee that our ideas are not only functional but also feasible. We work closely with the OEM during design hand-off to ensure that the final product looks and works the way it’s intended to while meeting all manufacturing specifications.


Proof of Concept

Prototyping is a great way to communicate ideas, test feasibility, and gauge interest from key stakeholders. We create “looks like” and “works like” prototypes using Arduino and 3D printing technologies so you can get the feedback you need at every stage of the process.

Usability Testing

Our integrated approach to design and engineering allows us to fail fast and improve constantly. We test concepts early and often for usability, manufacturability, and functionality, which mitigates risk and leads to better final products.

Design for Manufacture

Our team is experienced at creating and handing off Solidworks libraries and working with OEMs to fine-tune every detail as your product transitions to manufacturing.