What We Do

Business Analytics

We track sales metrics and industry benchmarks over time so that you can optimize your approach and achieve continued growth.

Trends and technologies change constantly. We help you stay current and remain profitable in the face of these shifting marketplaces. We employ a number of analytical metrics that range from inventory and profitability analysis to price-point optimization and logistics streamlining. Continual monitoring and maintenance keeps you ahead of the curve and enables you to evolve your positioning in ways that are both timely and lucrative.

Business Analytics

Brand Equity Maintenance

Our Business Analytics team analyzes market data from both online and brick-and-mortar retail channels to protect you from brand equity erosion, price matching, and reduced margins.

Sales Optimization

We work with our clients on a variety of analytical metrics. For a start: sales, inventory, and profitability analysis; forecasting and logistics; brand “stickiness”; promotional and SEO success; and price-point optimization.

Strategic Forecasting

Our team understands that the retail experience is always changing. Virtual and augmented reality and the ever-growing footprint of big data are already changing the way products are marketed, bought, and sold. We’ll help you leverage these exciting new experiences into sales growth.